CRM and marketing software solution for retail chains

why you need logiMARK

logiMARK is a marketing and CRM solution for retail stores, bars and restaurants. With logiMARK you can create discounts, promotions, and sales schemes. logiMARK is a smart and logical marketing solution so that managers can implement successful promotions and increase sales performance in their business.

ideas for marketing promotions

logiMARK is built to create successful marketing promotions. It’s integrated with logiPOS and logiBAR to help out retail businesses in several industries manage their marketing and sales. The software offers solutions on how to sell and promote products.

increase customer loyalty

logiMARK helps managers increase sales by boosting customer frequency and customer loyalty. The software offers options to increase customer frequency through coupons and discounts. It promotes customer loyalty through loyalty cards and personalized promotions such as for special days, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

optimized sales techniques

logiMARK helps managers understand the best techniques to sell and promote their products. Managers can figure out what and when to promote for maximum profit.

marketing and CRM program

marketing campaigns
discounts, coupons, vouchers
points rewarding system
personalized promotions
happy hour, bundle packs


main features

  • loyalty cardsPromote customer loyalty in your stores through loyalty cards and a points rewarding system.
  • vouchers & discountsPromote sales with vouchers and discounts by articles, categories and total invoices.
  • bundle packsEncourage customers to purchase more by combining matching products in bundle packs.
  • happy hourBring more customers in your stores through special offers for different times or days of the week.

why choose logiMARK

logiMARK is a software for sales, marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM). With logiMARK you can create marketing campaigns and promotions to increase customer frequency and loyalty. The system helps you create and manage discounts, coupons, loyalty cards, and other personalized promotions. You can create selling techniques and implement them in all the stores of your chain.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are retail stores. markets, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, chains operating in these industries. logiMARK can be used by small stores and chains.

logiMARK – marketing and CRM software

logiMARK is a software for marketing and CRM for retail stores and chains.