POS software for bars & restaurants

why you need logiBAR

logiBAR is a POS software solution for bar and restaurant chains. logiBAR improves the quality of service in bars and restaurants. Managers can manage multiple stores much more efficiently and run a successful business.

hardware integrations

logiBAR operates with a POS computer or any other device with a touchscreen and can be linked to a barcode scanner. It can be connected with every modern device for managing a bar or restaurant including scales, fiscal printers, DVR, etc.

integrated through cloud

The software is integrated with the central accounting systems, such as Alpha (Web, Business), Microsoft Dynamics NAV, F5 (Financa 5) and sends financial transactions of every bar and restaurant to the accounting system in real time. Managers can easily operate and check different stores from different locations.

crm & marketing functions

Bring more customers to your store with bundle packs, happy hour, vouchers and any other customer rewarding program.

detailed and comparative sales reports

daily and end of shift turnover
sales by bar, waiter
sales by hour, day, month
sales by category, table
analytical sales and average basket


main features

  • manage ordersEasy to use POS solution for bars and restaurants; can be configured by tables or clients.
  • CRM & MarketingWith its CRM & Marketing functions, managers can increase customer frequency and loyalty.
  • sales reportsAccess detailed sales reports filtered by agent, category, article, store, client, periods of time, etc.
  • cloud integrationReceives data from accounting systems and sends them invoices through cloud connectivity.

why choose logiBAR

logiBAR, and its mobile version webBAR, are the best solution for bars and restaurants. It is the perfect choice for any large hospitality business and chain, facilitating optimal service and fast order taking. Through cloud connectivity, every sales point receives up to date master data and sends invoices and sales reports automatically, with no delay, to the central accounting systems. logiBAR can be integrated with logiCORE, which generates detailed and analytical sales reports from every sales point. Managers can also check sales reports everywhere and anytime through mCORE, our sales reports android and iOS app.


Who are our clients?

logiBAR and webBAR can be used by bars, restaurants, coffee shops and any hospitality chain, and they’re the first choice for some of the most popular chain bars and restaurants in Albania.

logiBAR – bar & restaurant POS software

logiBAR is a POS software for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chains of this type.