warehouse management software operating on a hand-held device

why you need flexLOGISTIC

flexLOGISTIC is a warehouse management software for large businesses. The software improves and perfects the logistics processes of receiving and sending goods, simplifies transfers and follows inventory with precision.

easy to learn and easy to use

flexLOGISTIC is a very easy to learn and very easy to use software solution. Through a basic training, the logistics staff can learn to use the software in a short amount of time.

automate and optimize your warehouse

flexLOGISTIC helps big businesses operate more efficiently. With flexLOGISTIC big businesses can automate all logistics operations such as stock movements, in and out of the warehouse.

integrated with ERP and accounting systems

flexLOGISTIC works as a client-server infrastructure, which integrates with international and local ERP and accounting systems. It integrates with the above systems and exchanges data in real time or works offline and integrates documents at a later time.

warehouse management software

distribution and collection of goods
transferring and organizing goods in cells
monitor cells and the capacity of the warehouse
manage warehouse inventory
monitor staff performance


main features

  • stock movementManage stock movement in you warehouse by use of different algorithms (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO).
  • track goodsMonitor the state and location of goods in cells (series, LOT, quantities, expiry dates).
  • scan barcodesTrack stock movement in and out of the warehouse through the use of a barcode scanner.
  • work ordersAutomate warehouse operation by generating work orders for the staff to follow.

why you need flexLOGISTIC

flexLOGISTIC is a warehouse management software for logistic companies. flexLOGISTIC operates on a hand-held device and desktop computer. It automates and formalizes all logistic operations such as stock movement, sales and purchases, goods handling, etc.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are businesses operating in logistics. logical offers them a unique solution in the Albanian market to automate, formalize and optimize warehouse operations.

flexLOGISTIC – logistics software

flexLOGISTIC is a warehouse management software operating on a hand-held device.