sales reporting app for smartphones and tablets

why you need mCORE

mCORE is a sales reporting app for retail stores, bars and restaurants and distribution businesses. The software helps executives follow their businesses’ sales performance at any time and place. Through mCORE, the executive staff can learn how their stores and agents are performing in real time.

get detailed sales reports

mCORE gathers sales data and reports from our POS and distribution programs. While ERP software can only store general data, mCORE gives out details on how, who, to whom, where and  when of sales performance.

analyze sales performance

mCORE creates a full picture regarding business performance, directly from your smartphone or tablet. The app accesses all sales data and creates quick charts and tables to create this full picture.

become industry leaders

mCORE is a perfect solution for business executives who want to always be on top of their business performance. Business executives can find out how every store and agent is selling. The app saves them time, so they can quickly gather all data they need to run a successful business, while on the go.

sales reports on the go

last invoices
sales per hour/week
sales per unit
sales per operator
sales per category


main features

  • sales by agentMonitor and compare sales performance for each agent through quick mobile reporting.
  • sales by timeMonitor sales performance by different periods of time: by hour, day, month.
  • sales by clientMonitor and compare sales performance by client. Which clients are ordering and buying more?
  • sales by categoryWhich of your articles are more successful? Get mobile sales reports filtered by categories and items.

why choose mCORE

mCORE is a mobile reporting sales tool. Our app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices alike on Google Play Store and App Store. mCORE delivers sales reports from logiPOS, logiBAR or webFLEX. It’s appropriate for businesses such as retail stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and distribution businesses. It can be used by business managers who want to always be on top of their business operations and sales, on the go.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are retail stores, supermarkets, bars and restaurants as well as distribution businesses.

mCORE – mobile sales reports

mCORE is a sales reporting app for iOS and android devices