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  • Point of Sale & Retail Solutions Point of Sale & Retail Solutions Point of sale solutions optimized to manage sales and marketing in large retail and supermarket chains.
  • Bar & Restaurant Solutions Bar & Restaurant Solutions Point of sale solutions optimized to manage large chains successfully and let staff breeze through busy hours.
  • Ex-Van Distribution Solutions Ex-Van Distribution Solutions Cloud-enabled app facilitating ex-van and sales activities in distribution businesses.
  • Presales Software Solutions Presales Software Solutions Managing pre-sales through a cloud-enabled app to keep track of all related field pre-sales operations.
  • Logistic & Inventory Solutions Logistic & Inventory Solutions Practical software solutions to optimize and automate logistics and inventory processes in your store.
  • Warehouse Management Solutions Warehouse Management Solutions Practical software solutions that optimize and automate warehouse inventory and logistics processes.
  • Web Development Solutions Web Development Solutions Designing and developing beautiful, responsive, functional and search engine optimized websites.
  • Online Marketing Solutions Online Marketing Solutions Managing brands online; designing and implementing successful online marketing campaigns.

about logical

about logical

Welcome to the official logical website. We are a software house, offering solutions for sales, distribution, logistics and marketing for large and small businesses alike. We opened our doors in Tirana in October 2012 and in the last years we have exported our solutions across Albania, Kosovo, and beyond in the region. Our business solutions are complementary to all ERP and accounting systems, provide added value and functionality substantially, and optimize daily business processes. Our digital marketing solutions provide integrated online marketing communications to create an extensive and consistent online presence. We’re ambitious and visionary. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for your business.

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